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PCWAFC is warm hearted, friendly club welcoming both newcomers to football and seasoned players into our ranks. As the only college able to put out two women's teams, we have great depth in our squad and compete in the 1st and 3rd league divisions as well as Cuppers. We are also a social club, with swaps throughout term and an annual football tour at the end of Lent term with PCAFC (the men's side). For more information, please contact one of the captains, join our facebook group or follow us on instagram!

Women's 1sts Captain: Maddy Begg CRSId: mb2279
Women's 2nds Captains: Izzy May CRSId: imm34

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1sts Captain: Robert Wong CRSId: wlw24

Mixed Captain: Harry Palmer CRSId: hepp2
Women's Captain: Anna Gardner CRSId: avg36

Pembroke Women’s Badminton Club is one of the most popular and friendly sports societies for women/non-binary students in college. We train twice a week and are open to all levels: whether you played at school, in your garden when you were 3, or still think a shuttlecock is called a ball, we want you! We are firm believers that sport should be fun, and especially in the world of Cambridge we all need a happy environment to let off some steam! Therefore, we all train together, learning from each other and having a laugh. The team itself is not fixed so when we play league matches against other colleges, it is completely the choice of the members of the club to decide whether they want to/have the time to play a match and there is never any pressure to do so. We are also very sociable off the court, with pub trips and the annual Badminton dinner this is truly one of the most welcoming and best clubs to be a part of (no bias!). No matter whether you’re only a few weeks into your time here, or freshers’ week has long been and gone, just drop us a message and come join the fun.

Women's Captain: Tabitha Webster CRSId: tw492

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Men's Captain: Tareq Omer CRSId: to324

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Captain: Sam Beer CRSId: stb41

Captain: Max Murphy CRSId: mm2415

Captain: Shazril Suhail CRSId: sbs49

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Captain of Boats: Jenny Hill
Men’s Captain: Bence Kovacs
Women’s Captain: Julia Ruddick-Trentman

Ultimate Frisbee is a fun, fast and welcoming game that is incredibly easy to learn and a joy to play. The rules are very simple: don’t run with the disc, don’t drop the disc, catch the disc in the end zone to score points, and be friendly. The game is fast and exciting, but also very easy to pick up. Most people haven’t played before coming to Cambridge, and beginners are highly encouraged to come along and give it a try! At ChrEmBroke House we try hard to create an encouraging environment for players of all abilities to learn, develop and have fun. Ultimate is based strongly on the idea of spirit, which encompasses not only fair play, but also teamwork and friendliness, so we score it as well as points in the game. Our team is a mix of six colleges (Pembroke, Christ’s, Emmanuel, Peterhouse, Hughes Hall and Wolfson) so it’s a fantastic way to meet new people. Ultimate is a very social sport so you’ll make just as close friends with people on other teams as your own. We typically have university wide socials at least once a term. The college league is a mixed gender, 7-a-side outdoor game, and matches typically last a little over an hour and are usually played on a Sunday afternoon. So come along, meet the lovely people at ChrEmBroke House and give frisbee a try.

Captain: Samuel Clarke

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Captain: Igor Sterner CRSId: is473

Captain: Andy Liu CRSId: zl411

Captain: Jack Pearson CRSId: jp814

Captain: William Holmes CRSId: wh328

In an amalgamation of teams, Chrembroke brings the best of Christ's and Pembroke hockey skills on to the grounds with outstanding quality of play and a high level of achievement in Cuppers' matches. The Chrembroke hockey team now celebrate their position in the top division with rejuvenating social events, having outplayed their opponents at every stage in the Michaelmas term. We look forward to their following victories in the coming term!

Hockey has always been an integral part of Pembroke College sports due to its ongoing success. Having been promoted to the 1st division recently, the college can now put its foot down and work to the top of the table. We welcome all levels of players even if it is their first time and run training sessions every other week. Every Sunday we have a league or Cuppers match during the lent and michaelmas terms. If you are interested in playing or just turning up to training, contact the captain via Facebook.

Captain: Toby Chesser

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Contact: Joseph Massingham CRSId: jtm44

Captain: CRSId:

Captain: Adian Liusie CRSId: al826

Captain: Tom Kosteletos CRSId: tk520