Sports And Society Funding


JPC Funding

The JPC is no longer funded through GAC. Instead at the end of Lent term the JPC treasurer agrees a budget with college for the next academic year. The outline of the 20/21 budget with comments can be found here.

Society Funding


Funding cycles start Week 5 Michaelmas and money can be claimed until the end of Michaelmas the next year. If money is not claimed by then, it will be lost.

If you have questions, please see the FAQs down below. Contact the treasurer at if you're still unsure!

Funding Pools Available

The 'GAC'

Pembroke’s societies are provided with a pool of money called the GAC (General Amenities Committee) fund -this is affectionately pronounced 'gack'. The pool is intended to cover costs which are unreasonable for students themselves to pay – for example, league entry fees or essential equipment.

At the start of the academic year, all societies send an application for GAC funding to the JPC Treasurer, based how much they expect to need. Once the allocation is set, those societies can fill in a form to request reimbursement for their expenses in the form of a cheque. There is also a sum of about £750 set aside for new clubs which might form during the year.

The Peter May Fund

The Peter May fund is a separate pool of money, which:

The first of these is allocated during the GAC process above, giving an additional pool to sports societies of approximately £1k. Reimbursement for such expenses is acquired by filling the same form as for the GAC, but instead of a cheque, the money is bank transferred. There’s no need to do anything special during the funding application process, but it will be noted in the final allocation if something comes under Peter May.

Other Funds

There are many other awards and grants available from the College, but this is beyond the scope of the JPC. See the Pembroke website for more information.

Allocation Process

Submitting a Request

In the first weekend of Week 1 of Michaelmas, an application form will be emailed to all undergraduates by the JPC Treasurer. Fill this in, considering all items of expenditure your society will have. Note that not all items may be approved, and some items may be given partial funding. A given society’s budget is unlikely to change drastically from previous years without good reason.

The following will be considered in the approval process:


Toward the end of October, the JPC Treasurer will provide a provisional allocation. There will be an open JPC meeting in which all undergraduates may voice their opinions. After this, the allocation will be finalised by the College's Finance Manager.

Frequently Asked Questions / Frequently Exclaimed Exclamations

What can I use instead of a receipt to provide evidence of a purchase?

In approximately descending order of preference, you can provide any of the following:

If you have none of the above, please contact the JPC Treasurer. An exception is for kit washing costs: no receipt need be provided; please instead supply a breakdown of individual wash costs and dates.

Am I allowed to deviate from my precise GAC allocation?

Within reason, yes. However, for anything nontrivial, you must notify the JPC Treasurer before you do this, or there is no guarantee you will be reimbursed.

I need more money than I was allocated! What can I do?

Don't panic! There is almost always GAC money left unspent at the end of the year, whether from the new club fund or due to societies not using their full allocations. Email the JPC Treasurer with your situation, and they will either:

Otherwise, you will unfortunately have to find alternative funding or make cuts in other areas of your allocation.

I want to start up a new club but missed the funding deadline. What can I do?

That’s precisely what the New Club Fund is for! Please contact the JPC Treasurer with your club idea and projected costs.

I haven’t received my cheque!

If it takes more than two weeks to receive your GAC cheque or Peter May bank transfer, please contact the JPC Treasurer.

I've lost my cheque!

Please contact the JPC Treasurer immediately. The cheque will be cancelled and a new one given.