International Freshers' Week

Before Freshers' week, all international students are invited to International Fresher's week which is organised by iCUSU and there will also be college-specific events. The link to the timetable for that will be shared here as soon as their website is updated. IFW is going to be online this year so don't worry about coming early if you're unable to or it's more convenient unless you need to quarantine of course. College should have already been in touch/be in touch soon about arrangements for that.

The International Freshers' Guide

The International Freshers' Guide put together the International Students Campaign should be your first port of call for information about coming to Cambridge.

Social Media

Start by joining the main International Freshers' Facebook group if you are on Facebook. There is also an Instagram and there are groups chats that you can join. These can be found in the foreword to the International Freshers Guide.

Join the 2020 Cambridge University International Freshers Facebook Group.

International College Families

iCUSU are also organising International College families which could be a great way to meet people from other colleges and the link to the sign up form is here. You'll also have regular college families of course but this is an easy way to meet more people.

Otherwise, if you have any questions at all, feel free to email me ( or message me on Facebook (Tele Agusto).