Disabled Students

Disability Resource Centre

The Disability Resource Centre (DRC) at a university level, help to create Student Support Documents, loan equipment, help with funding applications and much more. This link takes you to their website with more information about the variety of services available.

Jan - The College Nurse

The college nurse, Jan is particularly taking on an increasing role in helping disabled students and can help you seek further support from college and the university to make your experience more accessible. Jan is always happy to be contacted including before you arrive at Pembroke so that she can improve the support available for your arrival. Contact her on jan.brighting@pem.cam.ac.uk

JPC Disabled Students' Officer

Your Disabled Students’ Officer (DSO) is here to help with access to the services that can support you (such as contacting the DRC or your tutor), a general chat about what can be done better in college and advocating for disabled students’ rights in college meetings. The current DSO is Sophie Johnson who you can contact through jp-disabilities@pem.cam.ac.uk or on Facebook.

Disabled Students' Campaign

The Disabled Students’ Campaign (DSC) is a student-led, university wide group that advocates for the rights of disabled students at Cambridge. They meet regularly for both socials and to organise and address how the student experience could be improved. Their website, which can be accessed here, has lots of valuable resources from email templates, if you need to miss a supervision, to access statement generators. Their Facebook page is the best way to keep up with events. It’s also an excellent idea to add ‘Rensa SU’ on Facebook, this is the profile for the CambridgeSU Disabled Students’ Officer who is employed full time and offers excellent support to students.