International Students at Pembroke

If you ever have any concerns at all or just need to talk to someone don't hesitate to reach out to the JPC Internationals Officer (Tele Agusto) at or on Facebook if that's easier! You can also reach out to any of the other members of the welfare team depending on what sort of support you need/who you feel comfortable talking to! The college nurse Jan ( is also an option as well as your tutor and the college and university counselling services.

Also, if you feel that there is anything college could change something to make life easier for international students, please contact Tele and he will definitely raise it with them! (See Coronavirus concerns below)

International Students at Cambridge and in the UK

The university has plenty of national and cultural societies where you can meet people from your country/culture from different colleges. Find them here.

The International Students Campaign is also worth following as they represent international students on a university level as well as organising events for internationals.

For any advice on visas, immigration or working in the UK you can make use of the International Students Office.

Coronavirus Concerns

The current situation obviously raises a lot of issues for international students with regards to returning to Cambridge. Currently, from what we know college is planning to have an online system for ordering meals and Tele is also going to organise for people who are back early to help support those self-isolating (e.g shopping/laundry) in case their friends aren't back yet. If you have any concerns or suggestions at all about quarantining or even for arrangements further in the future, don't hesitate to contact Tele and he can raise them with college!