Women's Welfare Officer

Current Officer

The incumbent Women's Welfare Officer is Katy Duff.

Hi, I'm Katy, Pembroke's Women's Welfare Officer. My role is to ensure that the women and non-binary people of Pembroke feel safe and happy for all the time that they are here studying. Leila and I are committed to ensuring that the solidarity and support network for women and non-binary people in Pembroke is as good as it can be. We are currently working on a sexual harassment policy, to complement the existing statement enforcing the zero-tolerance approach. 

I am also constantly liasing and co-ordinating with the rest of the welfare team to make sure that we are all doing our best to represent and support all students in Pembroke. We also work with the college staff to ensure the welfare system in place is accessable and effective. I am available and more than happy to talk about whatever it is that you would like to speak about. Do not hesitate to contact me either on jp-womenswelfare@pem.cam.ac.uk, message me on Facebook or text me anonymously on the Women's Welfare phone. (07342892821)

I hope that I can offer you the support, representation and help that you need and deserve. 




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