Women's Welfare Officer

Current Officer

The incumbent Women's Welfare Officer is Belén Bale.

As Women's welfare officer, I make sure that all women and non-binary people at Pembroke feel safe, loved, valued and important. I  work closely with the other officers of the welfare team and maintain good communication with staff at Pembroke in order to provide support that is inclusive of everyone, and also represent your views and opinions within the college and uni-wide. I also focus on upholding the college's zero tolerance policy on sexual harassment and work in providing regular sexual consent workshops to all students. Together with the Women's Representation officer, I help in organising events and facilitating discussion on gender and equality within the college, as well as collaborating with other Women's officers and femsocs across Cambridge making sure that everyone within college is aware of everything fab that's going on.
If you ever have any questions, ideas, suggestions or just want a chat give me an email at jp-womens@pem.cam.ac.uk, or message me  on Facebook. You can also text me anonymously on the Women's welfare phone (07342892821) and I will support you in whatever way I can.

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