Women's Representation Officer

The incumbent Women's Representation Officer is Evie Aspinall.

Hello! I’m Evie and I’m Pembroke’s Women’s Representation Officer.

My role encompasses three main things: representing women; protecting and improving the experience of women students within college; and promoting feminism and women’s issues. I work closely with Bel, the Women’s Welfare Officer. Both Bel and I are committed to ensuring that all women and non-binary students in Pembroke feel safe, valued, and empowered. I am here to provide support for all women and non-binary students, and to create and foster an environment in college that is supportive, and in which we can all thrive. I also represent women and non-binary people in Pembroke on a University-wide basis, so if you have anything that you would like to be brought up at Womcam forums, please get in contact.

Pembroke is committed to enforcing a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment (see the JPC online statement), and we are currently in the process of implementing our policy. If you have been sexually harassed or assaulted, please get in touch with me (if you feel comfortable) and I will offer confidential and non-judgemental support. I can also advise you on what can be done to deal with it and on how college can further support you.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me about anything. It may be a question about feminism, or an idea you have for how we could improve Pembroke, or you might be having a difficult time and want to talk to someone, or it might be anything else at all. Whatever it is, I am here to help, support, and represent you. You can contact me at jp-womensrep@pem.cam.ac.uk. Alternatively, feel free to send me a message via Facebook inbox, or leave a note in my pigeonhole.


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