Hello! My name is Owen Jack (two first names - confusing, I know...) and I am the current JPC Vice President. My role is to assist the President in the smooth running of the JPC. This includes organising JPC meetings, taking minutes, and chairing open meetings. In addition, I act as the second undergraduate observer at College governance meetings and hold a vote at the fortnightly CUSU Council.

The JPC is only effective if its work remains transparent and accessible at all times. I hope to publish minutes from meetings as widely and quickly as possible. All members of the JP deserve to know what is being discussed not only at these meetings but also in College and CUSU discussions, important parts of student democracy that can often feel secretive, and so I will be publishing short reports from these when possible.

Ultimately, the JPC can only function at its best when all Pembroke undergraduates feel involved in its work, so never shy away from voicing a concern or asking a question. You can email me at, drop me a message on Facebook, or leave a note in my pigeon hole. I look forward to hearing from you!

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