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The incumbent Treasurer is Mrinank Sharma.

The treasurer has two specific responsibilities - GAC and the JPC finances :

GAC (General Amenities Committee) refers to the annual budget for sports teams and societies within college. The treasurer deals with each clubs' application for funding, make the decisions regarding how much each club receives and then liaise with the Finance Office to ensure every society receives appropriate and sufficient funding to run and develop throughout the year. 

The JPC runs several events throughout the year - my role is to ensure there is sufficient funding available for all other JPC members to run their events and cover our costs during these events. These include bops, welfare picnics, music nights, all Freshers' Week events and many more! Any profits made are reinvested within the student body, either by spending more on future events or buying treats such as a discount with the local punting service.

Finally, as a general committee member, I help run these events during the year and liaise with college on a variety of matters to improve life around college for students.

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