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As your Sports Officer I am here to assist, advise and arrange a whole host of things relating to sport and exercise within college. This includes (but is not limited to) making sure everybody in college has a sports opportunity open to them at an acess level that suits them, publicising the many triumphs of Pembroke students and sports teams and generally promoting sport in Pembroke.

If you’d like to take up a new hobby to ease the stress of the Cambridge work load – or even just a little motivation to keep up your present level of activity – then I am never more than a quick email away. I can also offer guidance on setting up a club, and securing funding for high-achieving sportsmen and women.

Due to its recent installation as a role on the Junior Parlour Committee, the role of the Sports Officer has not yet been written into the constitution. If you have any thoughts on what a Sports Officer should be then don't hesitate to email us with your ideas!

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