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The incumbent president of Pembroke JPC is Oliver Hulme.

Hey, I'm Oliver and I'm the President of the JPC! 

My role involves acting as the figurehead for the JPC, receiving input from students and ensuring that all JPC officers are fulfilling their individual roles, whilst supporting them to do so. I coordinate the JPC as a committee, with a lot of help from the Vice President, to ensure that we are working collaboratively, and to monitor the progress of our aims, whatever they may be. I am also responsible for the coordination of freshers week, and hold an ex-officio place on the 1347 committee.

I act as the primary link between the undergraduate body and the college, organising open meetings with students, and attending meetings with members of the the JPC, college staff, and fellows, on everything from the food committee, to housing. Myself and the Vice President also represent Pembroke at CUSU Presidents and Externals meetings, and CUSU council meetings, where we each hold a vote. 

In the grand scheme of things most of us only spend a short amount of time at university, therefore, it is my continual aim to make college life as enjoyable, comfortable and rewarding as possible for every student. I aim to be there when individual power isn't enought to make change in college and I believe through the combined effort of the JPC and whole student body we can make lasting changes for the better of all students, both present and future. 

In order to do this I need ALL your feedback/suggestions. To do so drop me an email, message me on Facebook, use my pigeonhole, shout at me from your bedroom window or just in person.  


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