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The incumbent IT and Communications Officer is Vincent Lim.

My role is mainly to maintain the JP email lists and the JP website week-to-week. The overall goal is to enable the JPC and all members of the Junior Parlour (which includes all undergraduate and graduate students) to get the best out of the available technology.

In detail, I run pem-jp and pem-ug, and the two internal committee lists, keeping the lists up to date and as complete as possible, and making sure that spam doesn't get through and the lists are kept low volume, so that people don't unsubscribe. I send out a biweekly newsletter to all members of the JP on these lists, and handle submissions from members of the college and societies all over Cambridge for the newsletter. In addition, I advise and help other members of the JPC who run mailing lists, specifically pem-access, pem-ethmin, pem-freshers, pem-green, and pem-ints. I advise the JPC on matters relating to IT.

I represent the Junior Parlour at the college IT committee, which meets towards the end of each term to discuss the college's IT provision and strategy. My job is to communicate the views of students to the IT staff, and report back to the JPC about what has happened in the meeting. Although the provision of technical support to individual members of the college is not part of my role, I am able to provide a point of contact for members of the college to make requests pertaining to the college's IT systems, and to deal with any suggestions or questions you might have.

This Website is maintained by the Pembroke JPC IT Officer.

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