Internationals Officer

The incumbent International Officer is Tasha May.



Hello! My name’s Tasha, I’m from Sydney, Australia, and I’m Internationals Officer!

To any international offer holders stalking every avenue of Pembroke social media (like I did before arriving) please feel free to get in touch! I know internationals often don’t have the same resources - friends, family, acquaintances who’ve come to Pembroke, Cambridge or even the UK - to ask the questions they’d like to, so please email or Facebook message me with any queries you have! No issue is too big or small to ask so don’t feel shy. Also, if you have specific questions about the subject you’re going to be studying I can try and put you in touch with people at Pembroke who are doing that subject.

For internationals already at Pembroke I am here to chat about any issues you have as an international student and spread the international love with more formals, events and swaps - if you have any ideas you’d like to see implemented/any national holidays that need celebrating - please tell me!



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