Accommodations Officer

The current Accommodations Officer is Cyriac Cyriac.

Hi, I'm Cyriac.

The Accommodations Officer is responsible for running the ballot system for Pembroke Undergraduates, and ensuring that as much information as possible is up-to-date and available to students about the system and the different rooms available both within college and elsewhere in the college hostels. They are also in charge of liaison with the appropriate College authorities on matters concerning College accommodation and hostels. Please use the Accommodation section of this website, as well as the relevant section of the Pembroke College website to learn more about accommodation at Pembroke. I also have hard copies of all room plans and questionnaires filled out by previous occupants for many rooms outside college, so please get in touch if you would like to see these. If you would like any more information or have any queries, email me (ccpc3).

Also, if you're currently a student at Pembroke College, please fill this Feedback Survey for 2017. There is a prize draw, and curremt prizes include a voucher for a meal at a restaurant/formal and a legal name change by deed poll (worth £36)!

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