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Hi, I’m Kate and I’m the Food Officer.

Food is such a central part of our lives, so I’m here for all things food-related at Pembroke. Cooking facilities – “Gyp rooms” – in college can be limited, but luckily there are lots of food options on site.

The affectionately-named ‘Trough’, daily formals and Café Pembroke have all given Pembroke a strong reputation for some of Cambridge University’s best food and so I’m committed to making sure that there is plenty of tasty choices on offer across the board.

It’s important that the food in college caters to everyone, and so I am particularly keen on improving dietary requirement options. I’m specifically trying to improve provision for vegetarian, vegan and religious diets. If you have any meals that you would like to see offered let me know – Pembroke’s lovely catering staff are always keen to know exact ideas of what you would like to eat!

To make your voice – and stomach – heard please do get in touch. Make sure you join the ‘Food for Thought’ group on Facebook where you can share comments and feedback. There is also a ‘When in Valencia’ group designed for sharing recipes and recommendations specifically for dietary requirements (but open to all).

Recently there have been special formals for events, holidays and celebrations such as Diwali, Chinese New Year, Halloween, Christmas and Pink Week. Please come to me with ideas for other formals that you would like to be offered.

Remember that your health should be your number one priority, even when you are extremely busy during term time! If you have any concerns about your diet, please feel free to contact me.


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