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Hi, I'm Oliver and I'm the incumbent Food and Bar Officer.

Everyone eats and drinks. Everyone has preferences and makes life choices. My role is to ensure that these cohere and to also provide everyone with as much food related fun as possible.

Pembroke's daily formals, café and 'Trough' offer amazing food but it is important that we ensure that what is on offer caters to everyone. This includes vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, Fairtrade healthy options which through the feedback of all JP members I continually strive to improve. 

To make your voice (and stomach) heard make sure to add yourself to the 'Food for thought' page and if you are vegetarian, vegan or pescatarian join the 'When in Valencia' page where you will find a multitude of ways to discuss issues and make recommendations. I am a frequent complainer myself so please do send your complaints my way and I will pass on the information to the catering team as quickly as possible. 

The success of the Diwali, Chinese New Year, Halloween, Christmas and 'Pink' formals this last year suggest additional effort should be made to arrange more similar events. With help from you and the other JPC members I plan to make Michaelmas 2016 the best term for formals yet (in my opinion at least).

But most importantly in your busy lives don't forget to eat. That includes breakfast, lunch AND dinner! Health is far more important than work.

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