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The incumbent Disabilities Officer is Myles McSwiney.

Hi! My name is Myles and I am the Disabilities Officer at Pembroke. My role is all out about assisting you. University can provide a new set of challenges for many students with disabilities and I am here to help you tackle these in the best way possible so you can get on with enjoying everything Cambridge has to offer. I am always available to talk in confidence with you regarding any physical, visual, hearing, learning or mental health difficulties and work with you to ensure you receive the provision and support you need. One important resource for students with disabilities at Cambridge is the DRC (Disability Resource Centre) and I will help you contact people who can assist in everything from applying for government support to exam arrangements I will keep you up to date with events and campaigns regarding disabilities, represent the students of Pembroke who have disabilities at JPC meetings and strive to improve the university experience of all those who identify as having a disability. I know that I benefited from the support of the previous Disabilities Officer and I hope to do the same for you this year. If you have any questions whatsoever, please do contact me at jp-disabilities@pem.cam.ac.uk; no matter is too small and I’d love to help.

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