Disabled Students Officer

Current Officer

The incumbent Disabilities Officer is Jessica Flavell.

Hello! I am Jessica and I'm your Disabilities Officer. My role encompasses welfare, access and equal opportunities and is part of the Equal Opportunities Committee, co-ordinated by the Welfare Officer.

I am available to talk to about any issues related to disabilities, help students with applying for Disabled Student Allowances, or going to the Disability Resource Centre, and I will make provisions for any disabled student in Pembroke who wish to speak to me in confidence. I am available to discuss any issues regarding physical, visual, hearing, learning or mental health difficulties that you may have, in order to make your time at Pembroke manageable and positive!

I also maintain contact with the officers in the Disabled Students Campaign at CUSU, promote campaigns initiated by the DSC, and represent the welfare and opinions of Pembroke students who fall within my remit of disabled students, in JPC meetings, open meetings, and in the university on a wider scale.

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