Fire and Environmental Wardens

The college employs Fire and Environmental Wardens to help keep staircases ticking over. The Fire and Environmental Warden for a staircase will receive a 15% discount from their rent, which over the course of a year works out at quite a chunk of money. For example, a Warden paying £90 rent a week would pay £324 less over the course of a 24 week year.


The full list of responsibilities for Fire and Environmental Wardens can be found here. The key parts of the job are:

  • Recycling the contents of the black boxes in the gyp rooms on your staircase. Those living in Foundress should aim to use the facilities at the bottom of BB staircase, and those living in the rest of college should predominantly use the facilities in Chimney Court. See here for a map.
  • Checking once a week that the fire extinguishers and fire blankets are still on the staircase. If you find that one is missing, then report it to the Porters' Lodge. You need to sign a book in the Plodge every Friday to say that you have done this.
  • Corresponding with the Green Officer and engaging your staircase a little bit on green issues (particularly things related to the Student Switch-Off).
  • Making sure that the passages out of your staircase are clear enough for people to escape if there's a fire.
  • Removing out-of-date posters from the board at the entrance to each staircase. These should then be put in the recycling bin.
  • Check the First Aid kit is kept well stocked. If something's been used up it's your job to go and restock it from the nurse.

This may sound like a long list, but it's all very straightforward and quick. It must be said that it is not your responsibility to hang around in the staircase if there's a fire. You should get out as soon as possible and keep yourself safe.


Applications can be made at the start of the academic year. Watch out for the associated email in October for details of how to apply, or contact me for more information:

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