We are PCAFC

A club with a rich tradition in the beautiful game

Pembroke College Association Football Club (or PCAFC) is a football team based in Cambridge.

We represent our college with 3 teams in the Cambridge University Association Football League (CUAFL), one of the oldest leagues in the world.


More than just a team

Our sense of camaraderie, built across countless runs, passes, blocks, saves, and goals, carries itself beyond the pitch.

Here is a team where you can find friends for life, as we fight together to make an impact in the CUAFL.


Beyond the Pitches

We offer more than just football.

Amazing Stash

Sunglasses? Bedsheets? Pint Glasses?
We've got you covered.

Unforgettable Tours

Jet off with us in Easter to enjoy the sun, great football and all inclusive service at a beautiful location.

Great Drinks

A night that begins with football drinks is a night you won't forget.


Pick your Squad

We have teams that cater for all interested in playing.

1st XI

Footballing elite.
The most demanding team brings great rewards.

2nd XI

The best of both worlds.
Quality football in a more relaxed atmosphere.

3rd XI

Pure Entertainment.
Enjoy the beautiful game at a laid back pace.

We are the most PRESTIGIOUS team in CAMBRIDGE